May 21, 2012

No time.

Hello People,

I have started work at Caring Hearts. It's a cleaning company and takes up a large portion of my time. This means no more posting for a while. I'll maybe pick it up at some point maybe. Tata.


Apr 28, 2012

Post 19: Where in the World?

Dear followers,
I would love to visit England. Yes, I know. Doesn’t everyone? England is so full of history and great places to visit. It abounds in beautiful country, rains often and looks very much like an excellent, all around good place to go. 
                And think of the TEA!!!!
                Oh, so many places to go. So
now you know. I really do want to travel the world. Whether God has that in mind for me, I have no idea. But I really hope He does. It would be the adventure of a lifetime.


Apr 27, 2012

Post 18: Tradition

Well hello Folks who read this blog,
We are now onto post 18 of this blog challenge. Today I have to write about a tradition or old custom that you think should have survived to today. I have actually written some about this before, but I guess it doesn’t harm anything to do so again. I am of course talking to the art of ‘Letter writing’!  

I know that I, personally, love getting mail from the post office. There is just something special about ripping open the envelope and reading the writing on an actual piece of paper. *sniff* Don’t you all agree?
Mail doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. Getting a letter doesn’t have to be something you only read about on Wikipedia! They are substantial and can be kept for a long time (which might have a great appeal to those who are sentimental or like to scrapbook like me.)

So, here is another challenge for you my followers.  Take the time to sit down and write a loved one an actual letter. Let them know what is going on in your life and what the Lord is teaching you. Give them encouragement; copy out verses or quotes that have really impacted your life.  (Going out, plucking a goose for a nice quill pen, then making ink and writing the letter with these things is only an option.)
Then send it.

You might just get a reply.

Have a wonderful day!


Apr 25, 2012

Post 17: Some of my Art!

Hello people of the World!

Today I get to show you all some of the things I have drawn or painted. I must say that before this year, all I could have displayed was a few doodles drawn in the corners of my school notebook. However, thanks to art class and some excellent teachers, I have pictures to be proud of. (But, OF COURSE, not in a boastful sort of way...)

This one I did at my Granny's house. This was my first lesson with oils, so I think it turned out pretty well for my first try.

These are the ones I did in my art class.

Charcoal drawing.

Pencil drawing.

Pen and ink (Pointillism)

Water and ink drawing.

And this I drew because I was bored.  I couldn't believe it turned out sort of nice looking. I tried doing it again but I guess it's not going to happen!

Thanks for reading and looking.
Do any of you like to draw or paint?

Au Revoir, Ciao, Wagons Ho!.....That's all Folks,


Apr 20, 2012

Post 16: Something I feel strongly about!

Hello people,

Well, today I am going to post something I feel strongly about.
Well, there is a lot of things I feel strongly about. Abortion, whether Facebook is a waste of time or not, whether or not Frodo and the fellowship should have taken the eagles or whether he should have walked the whole way to Mordor, etc…

How should I choose from all of these great ones?

Since it's hard to put it into words, and I am sure I would do a most deplorable job, I'll show you. 
Doesn't this say it all?
Have a great day!


Apr 1, 2012

An Ode to Tea~ Rose Cassidy

A stream trickles by, as if in slumber
My wandering mind doth crave a lovely taste
With this beloved brew thou can’st encumber
My passions are too great! My fondness placed

Sweet Tea! How hast thou achieved perfection?
How can thy aroma draw me in so?
Never can be stilled my great affection
Your Lovely flavor I can n’ere outgrow

I cannot think why poems aren’t writ
Why great sonnets are not printed for thee
There should be books done for thy benefit
Such is your sav’riness, my Earl Grey tea!

In fairness though, one could not justice do

And no man could create such a taste anew…

Feb 28, 2012

Post 15: Something God has taught me this past year.

Dear readers out there,

Ah. I find I have a few moments to post. I’m halfway through my challenge, so I might as well continue.  Today we are getting really deep. I’m writing about something God has taught me this past year. 

I have a few words that sum up what I learned quite nicely: contentment, compassion, and dependence on God. God really worked on my heart through His Word and also through my trip to Japan. When I went over there, I was defiantly out of my comfort zone. I had never flown on a plane…here I was flying internationally. I always eat the same foods, drink the same tea, go through life the same way I always do…there I had to eat squid, sushi, dried jumping fish, and bitter tea. I went from comfortable to having to do things that I never had tried before; having to depend on God for every train ride and place to sleep that night.

Much of the time it wasn't ‘fun’, and I longed for home quite a bit. However, now that I’m back, I’m glad that I was stretched. Because if I wasn’t, then I would never have seen what Japan was suffering. I would never have seen the tsunami wreckage for myself. I would never have been able to realize, to such a deep extent, how many blessings I have by just being an American Citizen. Many of the people of Japan don’t have some of the common things we take for granted. They don’t have dishwashers or air conditioning most of the time. Their houses are so small that they can’t put beds in them, so they sleep on futons. The families in shelters live in small, cubical like spaces. I suddenly had a deep awareness of all I take for granted at home. That I even have a room of my own for my brothers to barge in on, or that however much I get sick of like school, it is a great privilege to be able to learn. Many don’t have the great opportunities I have.

So there are a few of the many things God has taught me this past year. 

Have a wonderful day! 


Feb 14, 2012

Valentine's Day.

Dear followers, 

It's Valentine's Day!

Now, I don't have a valentine this year. Probably won't next year either...but I thought instead of spending the day mulling over my loneliness I would get over it and give myself a valentine. 

Numbers 14:18
The LORD is slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiving sin and rebellion.

Hope YOU all are having a great day. 


Feb 13, 2012

Where have I been?

Dear follow bloggers and people of the world,

Have I dropped off the face of the earth? No, of course not! Because the earth is indeed round and that would be impossible really. However, for all the blogging I have been doing, it would seem like a pretty likely explanation. This is not the case and I feel it is my solemn duty to tell you why there has been a big gap in my posting. I really don't have a really good answer other than to say that "life" got in the way...

I don't think that is going to change anytime soon.

For some reason I am the type of blogger who finds it hard to keep up for a really long time. I have sporadic moments when  I am suddenly overtaken with the urge to post something everyday, then pushing it to the back burner just as quickly. For this I am quite sorry.

Though this has been a dry time in my blogging life, I find I have quite a bit of life in my own unwritten existence. God has been really working on me these past few months; even these past few days.
Lots of this time has been spent stressing over many things, worrying my brains out, wondering what I should do about different situations involving family and friends.

What was best? Should I not do this? Should I do that? Was it wise to say that? Did something get taken the wrong way? What did God want me to do?

I might have laughed at the idea of describing my life as an emotional roller-coaster just a few weeks ago. Somehow I lost all that mirth even before the roller-coaster took the first few turns and dives. However, though it took a while and though it isn't fun for me, I'm finding myself looking at the good in this situation. I have been praying a ton more and all these troubles have sent me looking for answers. All of what I found was worth the trouble to search for it. I have only grown in my faith and dependence upon God because of it. It has taken a while, but I have come to the realization that if I were in charge of my life, I'm pretty sure my brains would be out baking on the sidewalk and not floating, as normal, in cerebral-spinal fluid. But with God there to be my rock, salvation, and assurance, I have been able to resolve many things with both relationships and worries.

I post this now to be an encouragement to all who read this. Things might seem bleak now, but only for a little while, and things will never get so hard that you cannot bear them. Take comfort it in the fact that He will always be there to bring light to even the darkest of situations and to pick you back up when you fall flat on your face.

So there is where my life is at the moment.I might not be posting for a while. I am thinking that it might be a good thing that blogging is on the back burner for the moment. But I thought I would at least tell you all that I'm not lying somewhere, decaying into nothingness.

I shall end this post saying that I'm not even sure if the exit for this ride is in sight, but I know that whatever turn is ahead of me now, I have God to keep me in my seat. He will keep me safe an secure.


Jan 31, 2012

Journal Typed up for Literature Class

Journal Entry #1
“This morning I woke up” sounds much too dull to start a journal entry with. Why not use, “as many people’s lives were falling apart too little ittsy bitsy pieces and hopeless forms were being crushed by an unforgiving world, I was sleeping soundly in my bed”? A bit more dramatic, I must admit, but much more to my liking. Anyway, as I was saying, I was sleeping in my bed. I woke to the sound of my alarm and was tempted by the thought of a few more minutes snuggled in a warm kind of bliss. However, CHESS being ever present in my thoughts, I pulled back my covers and proceeded to start another day. Preparations were going as planned, something I was very thankful for. Lunch (check), hair (up), tea (heating), school stuff (packed), and my brain c(floating, as normal, in Cerebrospinal fluids.)
 I arrived at CHESS on time and ready to Teacher’s Aide. My heart melted a little each time one of my little charges would look up from their craft project and say, “Mrs. Rose, I need help!”
Marine Biology was filled with discussion on how reincarnation is both logically and scientifically impossible. We also talked over how energy is never created or destroyed but only changed into a different form. My conclusion was that we humans are using the same energy as maybe Socrates, Edwards or De Vinci did. That made my day.
In British Literature I got this assignment: to write out my thoughts each day as well as any events of consequence in a journalistic style.
The rest of the day passed quickly after that. One hour after the other slid by till suddenly classes were over and I was sitting in a big, silver van being taken back to the Nelson place of residence. Though a headache was pressing in on my temples, I felt like the day was a good day.
My only closing thoughts are: Why won’t the people in my head using jackhammers take a break for the night?
Journal entry #2
            This morning I was sure that World War III was starting. Everything was dark, strange and fuzzy noises were coming from nowhere, and I was sure a bomb had been dumped on my head. My brain was shell-shocked and my throat was crying out in agony.
            Well, it turned out that I had accidentally set my alarm to go off with some random radio station, and that my headache and sore throat were real and quite painful. Even though there was no war that would have upset the entire world and wreaked havoc nationwide, there was a war going on inside of me and havoc was being wreaked upon my consciousness. It was only about 4:30, so I did not feel the need to get up, but neither could I go back to sleep. My day passed in a kind of haze. I hardly ate a thing because my throat hurt. I took a long afternoon cat nap, and did my homework sitting on the couch or lying on my comfy bed. Dinner was scalloped potatoes, cooked cow muscle, and green beans. It was tolerable, I suppose, but not tasty enough to tempt me! I found myself praying to God, just miserable.
My closing thought was: How beastly the bourgeois is, especially the male of the species-- Presentable, eminently presentable-- shall I make you a present of him?

Journal entry #3
            6a.m. came just as it always does; on time and not even a second late to accommodate those lazy people who want to lounge under quilts longer than is good for them on school mornings. I was up and going, putting my person and school gear to rights a little after my alarm sounded by my ear telling me it was time, yet again, to start the day.
            The ride to CHESS was quite eventful. Some of the roads were icy and Carolyn and I had a fine time slipping and sliding around on the roads. Carolyn took it all in stride, hands gripped to the steering wheel, while I hung on for dear life to the ceiling light and the radio buttons. By the time we arrived I was feeling like life on the wild side was not for me.
            French was first on my agenda. Mrs. Ong is quite a good teacher and I am happy to study under her. My next hour after class was filled with waiting, thumb wars with just me, myself, and I, and French verb conjugations. That was until Katie and Tessa saved me from another hour of turmoil by inviting me into the Ong and talking to me over mugs of steaming tea. We talked about many things, but nothing worth repeating here.
            The next hour was Chemistry. I found I had aced my quiz and that really made me happy. Mrs. Kautz tried to do a lab, but it didn’t end up working because she bought cheap things at half price. Quite a letdown if one was to ask me.
            The rest of the afternoon was spent in the Ong’s living room talking to first Jenny, Katie, Chare, Tessa, and Alice then just Katie after all the aforementioned left for classes.
            Dinner at the Nelson’s did not fail to please. As I spooned scoops of creamy potatoes, forked tender meat onto my plate, and dribbled dark, brown gravy over it all, my thoughts were thinking of a certain quote. It goes sort of like this, “If I were to tell you I adore your food, would you have me do so stingingly, or would you have me declare it as I feel it, with all my heart?”
The company was also as lovely as ever. Rachel Knight was gracing our party with her presence, as well as out of town relatives. If asked what made tonight really enjoyable, I’m not sure I could pin it down to one thing. It was the food and the company, the live music, and getting to hold Annemarie for quite a while. What a wonderful time of fellowship. I am built up incredibly and praising God for a nice day.
My only closing thoughts are: How does Mrs. Nelson turn something like brussel sprouts into something totally edible and tasty?
            Journal Entry #4
Saturday morning dawned quite lovely. However, when I adventurously stuck out my left big toe, it got frosted over within seconds. Yes, I had accidently left my window open all night. These are the times that try men’s souls.
Carolyn and I drove over to Chrissy’s housewarming party hosted at CHESS after breakfast. We did arrive a bit late, however I enjoyed myself quite a bit. Who can keep up a sour countenance when cinnamon rolls and tea are near anyway? I think Chrissy was pleased with her gifts.
After it was all over, Jenny, Carolyn and I went evangelizing at a Nursing home. We sang for them then went around talking to the residence. I talked to a WWII veteran, a Catholic, and a woman who came over from Sweden. They all had really interesting stories to tell. When I asked them about their faith they all said they grew up in Christian families. The WWII veteran went off on a diatribe about what he thought of today’s modern worship; it was all wishy-washy stuff without real backbone. Of course, he was preaching to the choir, but I didn’t stop him.
Overall, my afternoon was spent quite productively and for God’s glory. Going home I had a lot to think about. Dinner was good, and slipping into bed was even better. I’m not sure I am quite well yet, and I don’t think singing helped in aiding my recovery.
My final thoughts were: I should open the window…it’s stuffy in my room.

Journal Entry #5
I woke to the sound of my mother yelling, “Time to GO!!! Get in the van!” My first thought was what day is it? When the full extent of my situation hit me, I kind of, for lack of a better term, freaked out. I had overslept, my head and throat hurt, my family hadn’t bothered to wake me for church, and now were on their way out the door! I was in the pit of despair. Going a whole week without fellowship at church is hard. I shall miss pastor Thurston’s wonderful sermon and teaching Sunday School. *Sniff*
 Anyway, after I snapped myself out of my state of self-pity, I got myself together. I made myself the best breakfast I could think of. I then did devotions, read the Wesley brother’s bio, and then I slept for more than 4 hours.
When I woke up, my head was still pounding. I made chicken breast, peas and noodles for lunch. The rest of the day past very slowly. The monotony was only broken twice: when Caleb called, and when mom finally came home.
I finally went to bed.
My final thoughts were: 1 sheep, 2 sheepies, 3 sheepies, 4 sheepies, 5 sheepies, 6 sheepies…..

Journal Entry #6
Monday morning finally arrived. I hadn’t gotten much sleep, and I felt even sicker. However, during the day I felt much better. I’m really hoping to recover before Wednesday. I did some school in the morning, slept some in the afternoon and ate dinner that night. To the casual observer, my day was dull.  VERY DULL. However, that’s before the observer is aware of how much really when on; how much drama there was!
For example, when mom told Timothy and Noah to unload the dishwasher, they fought for a good fifteen minutes over who would unload the top and who would do the bottom.  It got very vicious; I thought I felt the floor boards tremble under the weight of their anger. I almost fainted.
Of course, that wasn’t the only drama of the day; no indeed! I was biting my nails with anxiety over who would win the next battle. Mom had told Timothy to sit at the table and do school, not to go to his room. My heart almost stopped when I saw he soundly ignored her.
Then, I thought the final straw had come when we had left-overs for dinner. I was torn in two over what to eat. My inner turmoil was almost too much to bear! However, mom came to my rescue and told me that the best choice was to have tacos. I felt I had barely scraped out of that situation. If mom hadn’t come to my aid, I’m sure I would have dropped to my knees and ripped out my hair!
Aw, what a day. God is still good.                                                                    

            My final thoughts were: “We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out” I read that today, and I don’t want to forget it. 

Dec 22, 2011


Hey, hi and hello!

So a while ago you guys and gals voted on the polls I put up in the side bar. I thought I'd share the results quick before deleting them and putting up new ones. 

For the question: Do you like snowy days?
83% said they Love Them. (I would say the same)
Only about 8% said those days were okay or just hated them outright. (I feel for those who don't like snowy days, I really do. Truly, my heart bleeds for them!)

The other question put to you was: Do you like tea or coffee during the cold winter months?
36% said tea was the best. (I must say I agree :))
I was surprised that only 27% said coffee all the way....
But another 36% said they love them both equally. (So precious) :)

I'm putting up more polls soon, so be sure to look over at the sidebar and vote!


Dec 20, 2011

Christmas is almost here!

Hey people who read this blog,

Christmas is just around the corner as you all know. I got some pictures I wanted to share with you. I took them around the house after decorating it and also while doing the cookies! I hope you all have a very cherry, merry Christmas.